Voluntary Manslaughter California Penal Code 192(a) PC

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Voluntary manslaughter in California, as defined in California Penal Code Section 192(a), is the unlawful killing of a human being “upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion,” meaning the accused did not have the malicious intent to murder. For instance, voluntary manslaughter occurs when someone is accidentally killed in a bar fight, or a husband kills in an act of rage when he discovers another man in bed with his wife. While voluntary manslaughter does not carry penalties as severe as murder – because there was no murder – voluntary manslaughter in California is a very serious crime with life changing consequences.

Therefore, if you are facing this charge, it is extremely important that you immediately speak to a California criminal attorney at Wallin & Klarich, who is experienced in voluntary manslaughter charges and will provide you with the guidance you and your family need during this difficult process.

How to determine whether you are guilty of Voluntary Manslaughter in California?

You can be found guilty of voluntary manslaughter if you cause the death of another person and all of the following circumstances apply to your case:

  • You were provoked.
  • The provocation drove you to act with impaired judgment and reasoning.
  • Any reasonable person would have acted rashly when provoked in this manner.

In a nutshell, you had to have been driven over the edge and lost self-control, committing an action that any reasonable person would have committed in the same situation.

Sentence and Punishment to Voluntary Manslaughter Charges in California

The crime of voluntary manslaughter carries harsh penalties. If you are found guilty of voluntary manslaughter, you can be sent to state prison for a sentence of three, six or 11 years. In addition, you will receive a “strike” on your record that goes toward California’s “Three Strikes Law.” If you are convicted of three strike crimes in California, you could be sentenced to life in prison.

The penalties for voluntary manslaughter are different than the consequences of murder. If you are convicted of murder, you can face life in state prison. That is why it is so important to hire a lawyer immediately if you or a loved one is accused of murder. An experienced homicide defense attorney can work to try to have the charges against you dismissed or reduced from murder to manslaughter.

Possible Defenses to Charges of California Voluntary Manslaughter

If you can prove either of the following, you will be able to have a complete defense to a voluntary manslaughter charge.

  • You acted in self-defense.
  • You acted in the defense of others, either while in your home or while performing a citizen’s arrest.

If you act immediately to hire a California voluntary manslaughter lawyer at Wallin & Klarich, our attorney can develop a defense strategy that can result in either your charge being reduced or your case being dismissed.

In addition, our criminal defense attorneys experienced in voluntary manslaughter in California, provide you with answers to the most commonly asked questions pertinent to PC 192(a) in our FAQ section.

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If you have been accused of committing voluntary manslaughter under PC 192(a) or any other  homicide crime, you are facing serious penalties. You could be sent to prison for years and ordered to pay expensive fines that you cannot afford. That is why you need to act now. Speak to an experienced manslaughter attorney about your case right away.

At Wallin & Klarich, our skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers have been successfully defending our clients facing voluntary manslaughter charges for more than 40 years. We’ve helped thousands of clients in their time of legal need, and we can help you now. With offices in Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Victorville, Los Angeles, West Covina, Torrance and San Diego, you can find a skilled manslaughter attorney from Wallin & Klarich available to help you near you no matter where you work or live.

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