August 9, 2013 By agwklaw

I would highly recommend Matt Wallin to anyone in need of a good criminal defense in Newport Beach. Along with his partners and investigators at the firm Wallin & KlarichMatt Wallin was able to get my felony case dismissed prior to any charges being filed.This was particularly impressive given the amount of detail and complicated nature of the case Matt had to deal with. I faced the possibility of having 3 felony charges tried against me, and the real possibility spending significant time in Orange County jail or California state prison. I am very pleased I hired Matt who was able to present my case to the DA and get the case rejected in the interest of justice before I ended up with anything on my record!


AUTHOR: agwklaw

Paul Wallin is the senior managing partner at Wallin & Klarich. With over thirty years of experience handling many types of criminal defense cases, Paul Wallin has a tremendous amount of knowledge when advocating for his client's rights. Paul Wallin prides himself in going the extra mile to put his clients at ease especially when they are facing allegations of criminal misconduct and are stressing over it. Many have trusted Paul Wallin and his team at Wallin & Klarich to assist them in their darkest hour.

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