Wallin & Klarich prides itself in taking on many of our client’s cases on a “down payment and monthly payment basis”. We have two different options available to potential clients and their families.

Wallin & Klarich Internal Financing

This option allows you to finance your case with Wallin & Klarich directly. This generally requires a minimum of 50% of the retainer amount to be paid “down” and the balance of the retainer paid in between three and six monthly payments. If approved for WK financing you will pay no interest so long as you make your payments as agreed upon.

Please download the payment plan application below to see if you qualify

Payment Plan Application Instructions:

  1. Download Payment Plan Application and fill in your information. Your signature is not required.
  2. Submit your application by email to jm2@wklaw.com and include the following statement in your email:
    1.  “I authorize Wallin & Klarich to run my credit report for a payment plan consideration.”
  3. By emailing Wallin & Klarich your application you are thereby allowing Wallin & Klarich to run your credit report for payment plan consideration.
  4. You may also print the completed form, sign it and fax it to (714) 730-0337 with attention to Jason Morillo.

EPAY Financing

Wallin & Klarich has also partnered with EPAY Finance for those clients who want our law firm to represent them but they do not have the required minimum down payment at this time.

In these situations, they can pay as little as 10% down to Wallin and Klarich and finance the balance of the legal fees over a 2 to 5 year period.  This allows those in need of our legal services to make monthly payments to the finance company of a much smaller amount per month.  The interest rate will vary depending upon the “credit score” of the person who is applying for the financing. The good news is that there is no prepayment penalty if you choose to pay off the loan early. Applying for a loan through WK or through EPAY FINANCING does not impact your credit score.

To see if you qualify for an EPAY Financing loan go to www.wklaw.com/financing and you will be contacted as to the outcome of your application.

Wallin and Klarich looks forward to helping you in your time of need.


“I wanted an experienced attorney to handle my case but did not have all the funds available. Wallin & Klarich was able to work with me to make a payment plan that I could afford. This allowed me to get a great lawyer who could give my case the attention it needed.”
– G.C.

“When I was looking for a lawyer, none of them took payment plans. I thought I could never afford to hire a lawyer. Then I found Wallin & Klarich. I’m so happy that I could find a great attorney with a track record of success to take my case and allow me to make payments on my fees.”
– M.S.

“Thank you Wallin & Klarich for helping me with my case. Your attorneys were amazing in working with me and the best part is, you let me pay off my fees in a payment plan. I did not think I could hire a lawyer or be approved for payments but because I was approved, I was able to hire someone I could trust with my case.”
– J.B.

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