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Cleaning Up Your Criminal Record – Governor’s Pardon

A pardon from the state governor will restore certain rights like your ability to obtain state licenses that would not otherwise be available to you. Your criminal record will not be sealed, but if the occasion arises where you are asked to disclose your previous conviction, you will be able to state that the conviction received a Governor’s Pardon.

Additionally, your right to possess a firearm will be restored, provided the underlying conviction did not involve the use of a dangerous weapon. See California Penal Code Section 4854. A Governor’s Pardon will also relieve certain sex offenders from their registration obligations once they obtain a Certificate of Rehabilitation.

A Governor’s Pardon is often confused with a Presidential Pardon, which is similar in effect but issued by the President of the United States regarding federal crimes. A governor’s pardon only applies to California state laws.

How to Qualify for a Pardon From the Governor

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Any person convicted in California of a felony or a misdemeanor sex offense specified in Penal Code Section 290, which has been expunged from their criminal record pursuant to Penal Code Section 1203.4, may apply to the governor for a pardon. In most cases, the process begins with obtaining a Certificate of Rehabilitation from a superior court, but for those who do not qualify for such certification, a direct or “traditional pardon” application is available. The ability to seek and obtain a pardon is a privilege and not a right. The governor has the absolute discretion in whether to grant the pardon or not. Therefore, a pardon from the governor is not necessarily granted to everyone who applies.

Wallin & Klarich Can Help

It is extremely important to hire an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney who can help you restore your life following a criminal conviction. Our attorneys at Wallin & Klarich can advise you and help you submit an application for a governor’s pardon.

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