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What Is Child Pornography?

childCalifornia Penal Code 311 defines child pornography as any material depicting a minor under 18 years old engaged in sexual conduct. Possession, production, advertisement, or distribution of child pornography is not only a state crime but also a federal crime. A child pornography conviction in Torrance results in grave legal consequences, like required sex offender registration. No one wants their name associated with a sex crime, let alone displayed online for the world to see. 

Child pornography accusations quickly lead to rumors and judgment. This is yet another reason you need an experienced sex crime lawyer who will stand by your side and defend your good name. Our skilled defense attorneys from Wallin & Klarich have specialized in sex crimes for 40+ years. We’ve helped many clients get charges of child pornography dismissed in Torrance, and we will fight just as hard to prove your innocence. Call us today, toll-free at (877) 466-5245 for your free consultation. 

Child Pornography Charges in Torrance

There are many types of child pornography charges in Torrance. The prosecutor ultimately decides whether to file misdemeanor or felony child pornography charges, according to your criminal history and the specific allegations against you. The subsections of California PC 311 define the different child pornography crimes, including:

Penalties for Child Pornography| What You’re Facing

Each obscene picture or video can result in a separate child pornography charge and penalty. So, if you face multiple charges of child pornography in Torrance, your sentence can quickly turn into many years behind bars. In addition to this, the court can increase your sentence if you have prior convictions. While child pornography can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, the district attorney files felony charges in the majority of cases. The punishment for child pornography in California includes:

Possession of Child Pornography


  • A maximum sentence of one year in county jail
  • A fine of $2,500


  • A maximum sentence of 3 years in state prison
  • A fine of $10,000. 

Distribution of Child Pornography 


  • A maximum of one year in county jail
  • A fine of up to $2,000


  •  Up to 6 years in prison 
  •  Up to $100,000 in fines 

Intent to Distribute Child Pornography to a Minor 


  • A maximum of one year in county jail
  • A fine of up to $1,000


  •  Up to 3 years in prison 
  •  Up to $10,000 in fines 

Sex Offender Registration

Any child pornography conviction requires sex offender registration. The court places you on one of three tiers, determining how long you must register. If you fail to register as a sex offender each year, you’ll face a felony charge under PC 290 and a sentence of 3 years in prison. 

Professional and Personal Consequences 

Accusations of child pornography can disrupt your life. Many of our clients have shared their feelings of embarrassment and shame. However, a child pornography conviction can completely change your life and your future. It can follow you for decades. When you apply for a job, employers may see it and question you, causing humiliation and self-doubt. They may even deny your application altogether. The same thing can occur when potential landlords run your information. Your conviction could also lead to significant problems in your relationships with family and friends. New acquaintances may rush to judgment once your name comes up as a sex offender, suggesting the end of your social life. 

However, our experienced attorneys at Wallin & Klarich will fight to help you avoid conviction. We offer flexible payment plans to make hiring a skilled defense attorney more affordable for you. With a simple phone call, you can retain the legal representation you deserve increasing your chances of success. We have over 40 years of experience helping clients accused of child pornography maintain their freedom and reputation. Learn more about how we can help you win your case. Contact our law firm today for your free consultation. 

Fight Back | Possible Defenses Against Child Pornography Charges

When facing child pornography accusations in Torrance, it’s crucial to prepare for a demanding legal battle. The sooner you hire a knowledgeable Torrance attorney, the better your chances of a successful outcome. Unfortunately, many people wait to hire an attorney until closer to trial. However, our attorneys can begin defending you long before trial. Don’t hesitate to call our office after your arrest. We’ve convinced the prosecutor to reduce or drop charges against our clients before trial in many child pornography cases. We will work hard to do the same for you. At the same time, our legal defense team will continue investigating the facts so we can present a powerful defense in court. Effective legal defenses for child pornography in Torrance include but are not limited to: 

Age of the Minor 

The prosecution must prove all elements of the crime, including the age of the minor depicted in the pornography. Our attorneys have argued this defense in the past, and we convinced the jury to doubt the minor’s age being under 18. As a result, the jury returned with a not guilty verdict for our clients. If the alleged minor’s age is not supported by clear evidence in your case, we can argue this fact to convince the court to drop charges. 

Unlawful Search & Seizure 

Police must have probable cause to search you or your property. If they search you without probable cause or a valid warrant, the search violates your Fourth Amendment rights and solid grounds to file a motion to suppress evidence under California Penal Code 1538.5. We can present this argument to the judge, and if our motion is granted, the state cannot use the evidence acquired during the unlawful search against you in court. As a result, your child pornography charges could be dropped, which has occurred in a number of our past cases. If the police illegally searched you, contact Wallin & Klarich today, and we’ll fight to protect your rights. 

Lack Of Clear Possession 

The prosecution must prove that the child pornography belonged to you beyond a reasonable doubt. We have argued lack of clear possession in other cases and persuaded the court that the child pornography could’ve been someone else’s. This defense is most effective when other people share the same device or frequent the same area where authorities found the material, such as a shared tablet, computer, television, living room, or office. If the prosecution can’t meet their burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt, we’ll fight to get your child pornography case dismissed. 

Hiring The Right Criminal Defense Team | How We Can Help You

You don’t settle for an average lawyer with your future at stake. Instead, you hire an experienced attorney with the knowledge to defend you against serious charges. At Wallin & Klarich, we believe everyone deserves excellent legal representation. While choosing the right defense lawyer to help you fight child pornography charges requires careful consideration of many factors, four key aspects quickly set skilled law firms apart from the rest:  

  1. Commitment to clients
  2. Integrity in action 
  3. Legal expertise 
  4. Community respect 

Our Commitment To You | The Wallin & Klarich Difference 

At Wallin & Klarich, we are committed to our clients. When you trust us with your case, we never take it lightly because we understand your life’s hanging in the balance. We set aside time to go over what to expect and any new developments in your case, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Our attorneys treat you with integrity, starting with an honest, genuine conversation between us. We’re upfront with all our fees from the very beginning, and once we’ve had time to investigate your case thoroughly, we lay all your available options on the table. To ensure your questions and concerns never go unheard, we return your phone calls and emails within 24 hours and keep an on-call criminal defense lawyer for after-hours legal emergencies. Most importantly, we guarantee a judgment-free environment for you and your loved ones.

Wallin & Klarich | Unparalleled Legal Expertise

Torrance Child Pornography Defense Attorney

Our 40+ years of experience sets us apart from the crowd of defense lawyers. We’ve defended thousands of clients falsely accused of child pornography and helped them restore their reputations. Some of our clients came to us with nowhere else to turn and no hope of winning their case. However, our background allowed us to spot strengths in their cases, which an attorney with less experience would’ve missed.

By tailoring our defense strategies to fit the specific details of your case, we increase your chance of success. We have the added advantage of knowing the techniques of local prosecutors and the personalities of judges in Torrance. Our passion for defending the unfairly accused is the driving force behind each of our attorneys at Wallin & Klarich. 

Discover how our experienced criminal defense attorneys can help you fight these serious charges in Torrance, CA. Contact us today at (877) 4-NO-JAIL or (877) 466-5245 for a free consultation with a highly-skilled child pornography defense attorney.

Respected & Recognized | Wallin & Klarich

The community recognizes the Wallin & Klarich name for our firm values and legal expertise. For over 40 years, we’ve built a powerful reputation by maintaining our integrity, valuing our relationships with clients, and consistently striving to redefine excellence. For more insight, check out our recent and past success in the courtroom. 

Our Notable Cases | Wallin & Klarich Newsworthy Legal Strategies

Many attorneys point to their experience or skill in defending child pornography cases, but our attorneys deliver positive results even in the most complex legal dilemmas. Over the past 40+ years, many of our legal battles have captured the media’s attention. Television, newspapers, and the digital world have covered some of our most notable moments. We encourage you to explore our newsworthy cases below to learn more about our law firm. 

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