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What Are Lewd & Lascivious Acts With a Minor?

Lascivious Acts With a MinorUnder California Penal Code 288(a), it is a crime to commit lewd and lascivious acts with a minor under 14 years old. Examples of lewd acts with a child include sexually touching a minor or encouraging the minor to touch someone else. However, any act motivated by a sexual interest in a minor is considered a violation of this penal code. While the majority of cases involve accusations of sexual touching, the prosecution can charge you with a lewd act even if: 

  • You touched the child over their clothes. 
  • You did not touch private parts. 
  • The child sexually touched someone else or themself and accused you of telling them to do so. 

If you face false accusations of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor in Torrance, the outcome of your trial could determine the rest of your future. To avoid years in prison and a destroyed reputation, contact our experienced attorneys at Wallin & Klarich immediately. For over 40 years, we’ve specialized in helping many clients like you defeat false accusations of lewd acts and child molestation in Torrance. Call our office today for your free consultation. 

Lewd & Lascivious Acts With a Minor Charges in Torrance

The Torrance prosecution will examine the accusations against you. You may face the following charges for lewd and lascivious acts with a minor in Torrance:

Lewd or Lascivious Acts Involving a Child Under 14 Years Old PC 288(a)

For a PC 288(a) conviction, the prosecution must prove the alleged victim was under 14 years old at the time of the alleged crime. In addition to this, the prosecutor has to prove you did one of the following to arouse, appeal to, or gratify your sexual desire or the minor’s sexual desire: 

  • You intentionally touched a child. 
  • You made him/her touch themselves. 
  • You made the child touch someone else. 

Lewd & Lascivious Acts With the Use of Violence, Threats, Physical Force, or Fear

California Penal Code 288(b) requires the prosecution to prove the above requirements of PC 288(a), and they also must prove you used force or caused fear of immediate injury to carry out the alleged act. 

Lewd & Lascivious Acts With a Minor 14 or 15 Years Old

To convict you of PC 288(c), the prosecution must prove that the alleged victim was under the age of 14 or 15 and you were 10 years or older when the alleged crime occurred, as well as the above requirements under PC 288(a). 

Penalties for Lewd & Lascivious Acts With a Minor | What You’re Facing

Any conviction for committing lewd and lascivious acts with a minor in Torrance jeopardizes your freedom and future. The prosecution decides whether to charge you with a felony or misdemeanor based on the facts of your case and criminal history. However, because the state of California takes sexual crimes against children very seriously, you’ll most likely face felony charges for accusations of lewd acts with a minor in Torrance. In addition, if you have a prior strike for any violent offense under California’s Three Strikes Law PC 667, the court can increase your sentence for any conviction of PC 288. 

Other aggravating factors increase your sentence as well. These can include but are not limited to targeting a particularly vulnerable victim, having prior convictions, and using a weapon. This is yet another reason to hire an experienced attorney from Wallin & Klarich. We may be able to present mitigating factors to reduce your sentences, such as a mental disability, a history of abuse, and a clean criminal record.

We’ve summarized the standard sentencing for the different crimes involving lewd and lascivious acts below. 

Section 288(a)

A conviction for committing lewd and lascivious acts with a minor under 14 years old can result in the following penalties: 

  • A sentence of 3, 6, or 8 years in state prison
  • A maximum fine of $10,000
  • Sex offender registration
  • Double the sentence with one prior strike 
  • 25 years to life with two prior strikes

Section 288(b)

A conviction for committing lewd and lascivious acts by using violence, threats, physical force, or fear in Torrance carries the following penalties:

  • 5, 8, or 10 years in state prison with no chance of probation
  • A maximum fine of $10,000
  • Sex offender registration
  • Double the sentence with one prior strike 
  • 25 years to life with two prior strikes
  • Mandatory 25 years to life for multiple victims or causing bodily harm under California’s One Strike Law

Section 288(c) 

If you’re 10 years older than the alleged victim, a conviction for committing lewd and lascivious acts with a minor 14 or 15-year-old minor results in the following punishments:

  • Misdemeanor 
    • Up to 364 days in county jail
    • A maximum fine of $1,000 For a felony conviction
    • Sex offender registration 
  • Felony 
    • Up to three years in state prison
    • A maximum fine of $10,000
    • Sex offender registration 

Sex Offender Registration PC 290

The enactment of Senate Bill 384 implemented a tiered registration for sex offenders. While offenders had to register for life under California PC 290, the state places sex offenders on one of three tiers. The first conviction of 288(a) requires Tier 2 registration for at least 20 years. However, a second conviction of PC 288(a) and any conviction of PC 288(b)(i) requires Tier 3 lifetime registration. You must register annually within five days of your birthday and report any move within five days as well. Failure to do so results in a violation of PC 290 and up to three years in prison.

Professional and Personal Consequences 

If someone falsely accuses you of inappropriate conduct with a minor in Torrance, your life can spiral out of control. Many clients turn to us for help after losing their jobs and families due to false accusations. Our attorneys have fought to help them regain standing in their careers and resume their roles in families. So don’t wait until it’s too late to seek legal help. A conviction for committing a lewd act with a child will stay on your record for the rest of your life, impacting every future interaction. Moreover, it will solidify rumors and gossip, which will ruin your chance to clear your good name. 

At Wallin & Klarich, we understand the dynamic legal battle you face, and we want to help you overcome the legal obstacles between you and your freedom. With 40+ years of experience, we’re the legal defense team you need on your side. Of course, you shouldn’t face these serious allegations alone. But who has money set aside for an unexpected circumstance like this? The good news is we have the solution for you. With our affordable payment options, you can hire one of our skilled defense lawyers even when you’re short on cash. Learn about how we can help you fight accusations of lewd acts with a minor by contacting our office today for a free consultation!

Fight Back | Possible Defenses Against Lewd & Lascivious Acts With a Minor Charges

You don’t receive the attention you deserve with just one lonely attorney representing your case. However, with Wallin & Klarich, you’ll receive the representation of our skilled legal defense team with 40+ years of experience. We set aside time to answer all your questions and provide you with the one-on-one attention you deserve. Our attorneys collaborate with the best investigators in the state. We keep your best interests in mind and work hard to win your case, so you can walk away with your freedom and reputation intact. Some of the most effective defense strategies for lewd and lascivious acts that we used in the past and can use on your behalf include: 

False Accusation

Over the past 40+ years, we’ve defended many of our clients against false accusations of sex crimes, including charges of lewd and lascivious acts with minors. If someone falsely accuses you of inappropriate behavior with a minor, our legal team will present this defense on your behalf. We will begin by thoroughly examining the details of your case to find inconsistencies in the testimonies of the accuser and other state witnesses. We also work closely with investigators and renowned experts, who can provide additional evidence to support our claims. We’ll challenge the prosecution’s claim at every turn and fight to prove your innocence. 

No Sexual Contact 

We’ve seen many clients charged with lewd acts in Torrance when the touching wasn’t sexually motivated. For example, you visit your sister-in-law’s house and hug your niece. She later files a report, and police charge you with lewd acts for simply hugging your niece as any aunt or uncle would. Our attorneys would encourage you to undergo a thorough psychological evaluation. We would use the results to show that your mental state is normal. We’d also present witnesses who could testify about what happened and your character. In addition to this, your lawyer will question the alleged victim to provide further proof that you’ve never harmed the minor. If we’re successful, the jury will return a not guilty verdict, and you’ll be free to go home. 

Insufficient Evidence

We argue insufficient evidence in cases where the prosecution doesn’t have enough evidence to prove our client’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In many cases, we’ve successfully presented this defense, resulting in a dismissal of lewd acts charges. When a skilled lawyer argues this defense in a compelling way, the jury begins questioning the prosecution’s case against you, which can lead to a not guilty verdict. 

Hiring A Lewd Acts Defense Attorney | How We Can Defend You

You don’t settle for an average lawyer with your future at stake. Instead, you hire an experienced attorney with the knowledge to defend you against serious charges. At Wallin & Klarich, we believe everyone deserves excellent legal representation. Choosing the right defense lawyer requires careful consideration of many factors. Four key aspects quickly set skilled law firms apart from the rest:  

  1. Commitment to clients
  2. Integrity in action 
  3. Legal expertise 
  4. Community respect 

Our Commitment To You | The Wallin & Klarich Difference 

At Wallin & Klarich, we are committed to our clients. When you trust us with your case, we never take it lightly because we understand your life’s hanging in the balance. We set aside time to go over what to expect and any new developments in your case, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Our attorneys treat you with integrity, starting with an honest, genuine conversation between us. We’re upfront with all our fees from the very beginning, and once we’ve had time to investigate your case thoroughly, we lay all your available options on the table. To ensure your questions and concerns never go unheard, we return your phone calls and emails within 24 hours and keep an on-call criminal defense lawyer for after-hours legal emergencies. Most importantly, we guarantee a judgment-free environment for you and your loved ones.

Wallin & Klarich | Unparalleled Legal Expertise

Torrance Lewd & Lascivious Acts With a Minor Defense Attorney

Our 40+ years of experience sets us apart from the crowd of defense lawyers. We’ve defended numerous clients facing charges of lewd acts with a minor, and we’ve delivered exceptional results. Some of our clients came to us with nowhere else to turn and no hope of winning their case. However, our background allowed us to spot strengths in their cases, which an attorney with less experience would’ve missed.

By tailoring our defense strategies to fit the specific details of your case, we increase your chance of success. We have the added advantage of knowing the techniques of local prosecutors and the personalities of judges in Torrance. Our passion for defending the unfairly accused is the driving force behind each of our attorneys at Wallin & Klarich. 

Discover how our experienced criminal defense attorneys can help you fight these serious charges in Torrance, CA. Contact us today, toll-free at (877) 4-NO-JAIL or (877) 466-5245 for a free consultation with a highly-skilled defense attorney.

Respected & Recognized | Wallin & Klarich

The community recognizes the Wallin & Klarich name for our strong values and legal expertise. For over 40 years, we’ve built our powerful reputation by maintaining our integrity, valuing our relationships with clients, and consistently striving to redefine excellence. For more insight, check out our recent and past success in the courtroom.

Our Notable Cases | Wallin & Klarich Newsworthy Legal Strategies

Many attorneys point to their experience or skill in defending clients accused of lewd acts with a minor, but our attorneys actually deliver positive results even in the most complex legal dilemmas. Over the past 40+ years, many of our legal battles have captured the media’s attention. Television, newspapers, and the digital world have covered some of our most notable moments. We encourage you to explore our newsworthy cases below to learn more about our law firm. 


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