July 12, 2021 By Paul Wallin

New Law Would Mean Prior Juvenile Strike Crime Convictions Could No Longer Be Used In Adult Court To Strike Out An Accused

For years, persons facing a strike crime in California as an adult could be facing 25 years to life if the prosecutor could prove that the person had 2 prior strikes.

Juvenile Strike Crime Convictions Until now, one or both of the prior strikes could have been convictions that the person pleads to in juvenile court when they were a minor. Many people are doing sentences of 25 to life right now based upon a law that allows juvenile strike convictions to be used as “strikes” with the intent to increase punishment for a person accused of a strike crime in adult court.

However, if a current law that is pending in the California legislature becomes law (AB1127), then this would change. This new law would say that prosecutors could no longer use prior juvenile strikes to enhance the sentence of an adult facing a felony charge. What makes this potential law change even more important is that the law would be deemed to be retroactive.

How Would California Law AB1127 Affect Me If Passed?

This would mean that if you or a loved one is serving a prison sentence that was “increased” due to a juvenile strike prior you would be able to retain our law office to bring a motion before the court in an attempt to lower or even eliminate the remainder of your prison sentence. 

As you might expect this bill is facing opposition from some prosecutors who believe that this new law would negatively impact public safety. We will be keeping you informed as to whether this proposed change becomes the law in California. If so, this could lead to many persons currently in prison being released or having their prison sentence drastically lowered.

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