March 25, 2014 By Paul Wallin

Protecting Your “Castle” – What You Need to Know about California Self Defense Laws

The recent acquittal of George Zimmerman, who was accused of shooting and killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, has raised many questions on the issue of self-defense. On a rainy evening in Florida in February 2012, Zimmerman made a call to police reporting a suspicious boy in his neighborhood. After hanging up with the dispatcher he and the boy were involved in a violent encounter. Soon thereafter, Zimmerman shot Martin fatally.1

california self defense laws
California self defense laws allow you to protect yourself in certain situations.

The shooting gave us a glimpse into many states’ “stand-your-ground” laws. These laws give you the right to use deadly force if you are facing a “reasonable threat.”2 While stand-your-ground laws were not used in his defense, the jury in Zimmerman’s case was given an explanation of Florida’s stand-your-ground law. They went on to acquit him of second-degree murder.3

Would the stand-your-ground law apply in California? Let’s take a look at California’s self-defense laws.

California’s “Castle Doctrine” (PC Section 198.5)

Although California does not specifically have a “stand-your-ground” law, the Castle Doctrine is similar. Under Penal Code Section 198.5, you are allowed to use deadly force within your own home if you have a “reasonable fear of imminent peril or great bodily injury.”

If someone forces his or her way into your home unlawfully, a few things must occur to justify using deadly force:

  • You knew or had reason to believe the person entered your home unlawfully;
  • The intruder was acting unlawfully (not a police officer who was doing their job);
  • There was a reasonable fear of death or injury to you, a family member or another member of the household; and
  • You or the occupants of your home did not provoke the intruder in any way.

California Self Defense Laws Outside of Your Home (CALCRIM #505 and #506)

Of course, not all self-defense situations occur inside your home. Even though there is not a specific statute for standing your ground, California law does recognize your right to defend yourself with deadly force. California Jury Instructions (CALCRIM #505 and #506) describe this as “justifiable homicide.”

A jury is instructed to find you innocent of homicide, assault or other charges if you were acting reasonably under the circumstance. A reasonable circumstance under California Jury Instructions #505 and #506 means:

  • You reasonably believed you were in danger of being injured or killed;
  • You reasonably believed that you needed to use force to prevent this from happening; and
  • You used no more force than was necessary to stop the threat.4

If you are facing a reasonable threat of being injured or killed, you do not have to run away under California law. As long as you did not make the first strike, a skilled criminal defense attorney can argue that you were acting in self-defense.

Self-defense can be used as a legal defense for several crimes including:

If you are being charged with any of these violent crimes, self-defense may be your best legal defense.

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Our attorneys may be able to use self defense as your defense.

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