February 17, 2014 By Paul Wallin

California “Pay to Stay” Jail Programs Flip the Script on the Traditional Jail Experience

Although many people agree that “money can’t buy happiness,” in many jails throughout California, having the right amount of cash can get you pretty darn close (considering the circumstances).

“Pay to Stay” jail programs offer a more luxurious jail experience for non-violent offenders
You may be eligible for the California “pay to stay” jail program if you meet the requirements.

Beginning in 2007 and becoming increasingly more popular throughout the years, many California jail systems have introduced “Pay to Stay” jail programs. This program, typically costing an inmate anywhere between $75-$150 a day, offers a number of special accommodations that are unavailable in the standard jail systems.

“Pay to Stay” programs also help fix the problem of prison-overcrowding and supply a large sum of money to cities that they would otherwise never receive.

Why “Pay to Stay?

If an individual can afford to pay the required fee, many of them often choose to do so. Every individual program possesses a set of unique prices, schedules and acceptance requirements that the inmates must follow in order to remain in the jail. Tustin Attorney Joel Garson generously shared with Wallin & Klarich a list that he compiled of six “pay to stay” jail programs in the area and information about the jails.

“Pay to Stay”Jail Programs Cost, Schedule, Acceptance Requirements and Other Information


  • Contact: Rhonda (714) 765-1882. rbruns@anaheim.net Schedule an interview.
  • Cost: $150 first day. $100 after. Payments due in advanced and in 2 week increments. No GPS.
  • Schedule: Must check back in between 5 a.m. & 10 p.m., unless court authorizes otherwise. 7 days a week (or 5 days a week). All overnights. Work furlough optional. No GPS required.
  • Acceptance Requirements: Individual case by case acceptance. NO gang members. Med’s reviewed case by case. 24 hour minimum/ 2 year maximum sentence.
  • Other Info: Non-contact visits on Sat & Sun 2:00 p.m. – 5 p.m. TV, DVD, books allowed. Chores required. Medical questionnaire. Females no more than 45 days due to space for day room. Locked down on weekends.


  • Contact: Sgt. Castillo (714) 738-6722. dcastillo@fullertonpd.org. $126 application fee. Need court order.
  • Cost: $127 a day. Full amount due on the first day of sentence.
  • Schedule: 7 days a week. No “weekends only.” 6 p.m. – 6 a.m. (submit app for exceptions.) No GPS. Work furlough optional.
  • Acceptance Requirements: Will only take non-violent misdemeanors. Med’s reviewed case by case. Maximum sentence 364 days.
  • Other Info: Clean facility. No Visits. Males only.

Huntington Beach:

  • Contact: D. Miller. dmiller@hbpd.org
  • Cost: $150 first day. $100 a day. $ 110 for GPS if furlough.
  • Schedule: 7 days a week. No “weekends only.” Leave 5-6 days a week for work furlough with GPS. 12 hour days for work unless court ordered. All sentences are overnight.
  • Acceptance Requirements: Will not accept violent felonies or drug convictions. No minimum sentence. Maximum sentence one year.
  • Other Info: Males and Females OK. Visits 7 days a week. TV, DVD, books OK. Chores required.

Newport Beach:

  • Contact: Bob Yamada. (949) 644-3675. Bring Police report.
  • Cost: No charge.
  • Schedule: 24/7. No furlough. No “weekends only.” Same as Orange County Jail.
  • Other Info: No females.

Seal Beach:

  • Contact: Sgt. Philip Gonshak. (562) 342-7391
  • Cost: $100 a day if not a work furlough candidate. $120 a day if accepted in the work furlough program. Difference in price for GSP bracelet.
  • Schedule: No “weekends only.” Must have court ordered work schedule. GPS required.
  • Acceptance Requirements: All cases reviewed. No automatic turn-downs. No minimum or maximum sentence. Medication is OK except narcotics.
  • Other Info: Males only. Physical visits from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. in yard. Books, TV, word processor, DVDs OK. Chores required.


  • Contact: Sgt. Lira. glira@cityofhawthorne.org
  • Cost: $25 initial background fee. $75 a day after that.
  • Schedule: 7 days a week (your choice days or nights.) 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. (if come in days only). 24 hours overnight (must choose which days to report.) Court decides if they want to give you good time/work time. Must decide in custody upon approval and commit to those days.
  • Acceptance Requirements: Reviewed case by case. Non-violent convictions only. Most medication OK. No psych meds.
  • Other Info: Janitorial work. TB test mandatory.

If you are considering the option of a “pay to stay” jail sentence you need to understand that you must get court approval to enroll in any such program. Feel free to contact our office if you would like to discuss the specific requirements of any “pay to stay” program.

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