November 5, 2014 By Paul Wallin

Differences Between Federal Court and California State Court

If you are arrested for violating a law, you probably assume you will have to appear at your local county superior court. However, that is not always the case. If you are being charged with violating federal statute, your case will be heard in a federal court. This may sound scary, and it can be because you are likely facing a more serious charge. However, it will be a less terrifying experience if you are prepared for your case and you understand the differences between federal court and the California court system.

There are actually several differences between the federal court system and the California State Court system. Our attorneys wish to share with you those differences so that you can be prepared for your case.

Federal Court System

differences between federal court and California State Court
Understand the differences between federal court and California State Court.

Obviously, the federal court system is where federal crimes are heard. However, there are significant differences between federal and state courts, including:

  • The federal court system is much more formal. For example, there is absolutely no talking when the judge is on the bench. Courthouses are nice and persons in them are expected to act with a professional attitude.
  • Federal cases are investigated by federal agencies, such as the FBI, ATF, DEA, and cases are prosecuted by federal prosecutors.
  • Federal courts utilize a sentencing guideline formula or chart when imposing sentences on those convicted of a crime.

Everything is done formally and properly in the federal court system, which differs from the more relaxed California State Court system.

California State Court System

As federal courts deal with cases involving federal laws, the California State Court system handles cases involving state laws and local municipal and county codes. Here’s a breakdown of how cases are viewed in California courts:

  • California State Courts are less formal than federal courts. For example, you may see several attorneys talking amongst themselves and to prosecutors while court is in session.
  • State courthouses are generally not as aesthetically pleasing as federal courthouses, which often makes defendants feel more comfortable.
  • State cases are investigated mostly by local and county agencies such as local city police departments, and local county sheriff departments. These cases are prosecuted by deputy district attorneys and deputy city prosecutors.
  • The California State Court system does not have a sentencing guideline structure to follow when imposing sentence.

State courts are less intimidating to defendants, but even if your case is being heard in a state court, you could face serious consequences.

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federal court
Our attorneys are experienced in both federal and state courts.

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