September 30, 2015 By Paul Wallin

What is Domestic Violence under Penal Code 243(e) in California?

Most people know that domestic violence is a crime in California. However, many people do not understand the complex laws regarding domestic violence.

Under California Penal Code Section 243, battery on a spouse is a domestic violence crime, and it carries serious penalties if you are convicted. But what exactly does “battery on a spouse” mean?

What is Battery on a Spouse? (PC 243(e))

battery on a spouse
Battery on a spouse is considered domestic violence.

Battery on spouse under Penal Code 243 (e) in California is a misdemeanor offense that can have serious consequences on those who are convicted of this crime. It is considered a crime of domestic violence. Battery on a spouse is defined as:

“When a battery is committed against a spouse, a person who is the parent of the defendant’s child, former spouse, fiancé or fiancée, or a person with whom the defendant currently has, or has previously had, a dating or engagement relationship…”

In other words, battery on a spouse is when you willfully commit an offensive touching against a spouse, significant other or former significant other. In order to be convicted of this crime, the prosecution must prove that you have or had a romantic relationship with the alleged victim.

Battery on a Spouse Charges

It is important to know that a battery can be committed even though there is no injury to the victim whatsoever. Under PC 243(e), the slightest offensive touching can be considered a battery and could lead to a conviction of this crime.

For example, pulling on your girlfriend’s purse while she has it over her shoulder or flipping your boyfriend’s hat off his head could be considered a battery, and could lead to prosecution despite the fact that there was not the slightest injury to that person.

If you are convicted of battery on a spouse charges, you face up to 364 days in county jail and a fine of up to $2,000. Additionally, you will likely be required to attend and complete a 52-week domestic violence program.

Battery on a spouse is considered a “crime of moral turpitude,” so a conviction will also result in negatively impacting your criminal record, and therefore your ability to find and maintain employment. If you are a immigrant in California, a conviction could have major ramifications on your ability to stay in the U.S.

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Our domestic violence attorneys can help you.

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