November 3, 2017 By Paul Wallin

What Does a Certificate of Rehabilitation Do?

A criminal conviction can have a negative impact on you for the rest of your life. If you’ve been convicted of a crime, you may have a hard time finding a job, maintaining meaningful relationships and applying for professional licenses. However, you may be able to reduce the impact of a criminal conviction by obtaining a Certificate of Rehabilitation.

A Certificate of Rehabilitation is a court order declaring that you have displayed good moral character and have been a law-abiding citizen since you were convicted of a crime. What does a Certificate of Rehabilitation do for you? There are many reasons why you may wish to apply for a Certificate of Rehabilitation:

End Your Requirement to Register as a Sex Offender

If you were convicted of a sex crime, you are likely required to register as a sex offender for life under California Penal Code Section 290. Failure to register could lead to you facing separate criminal charges.

Depending on the crime you were convicted of, obtaining a Certificate of Rehabilitation could end your obligation to register as a sex offender. A Certificate of Rehabilitation will not eliminate sex offender registration for every sex crime. A list of crimes where a Certificate would end the requirement to register is listed under California Penal Code Section 290.5.

Improve Your Employment and Career Opportunities

In many cases, prospective employers will ask you if you have been convicted of a crime. Unfortunately, you will have to answer “yes” and this could ruin your chances at being hired. However, if you have successfully obtained a Certificate of Rehabilitation, you may be able to present this court document to potential employers to show them that the court recognizes you are not the same person you were when you committed the crime.

Additionally, you could automatically be denied a professional license for careers such as nursing and contractor if you have been convicted of a crime. Under PC 4853, a Certificate of Rehabilitation will prevent you from automatically being denied a license from state licensing officials.

Automatic Application for a Governor’s Pardon

Being granted a Certificate of Rehabilitation serves as an automatic application for a Governor’s Pardon.

A Governor’s Pardon is a way to regain some rights you may have lost after being convicted of a felony or certain misdemeanor sex crimes. These rights include the right to serve on a jury and the right to own a firearm. In some cases, a Governor’s Pardon could also stop sex offender registration.

In addition, you may be able to apply for jobs as a county probation officer or state parole agent if you have been pardoned by the governor.

Wallin & Klarich Can Help You Apply for a Certificate of Rehabilitation Now

The consequences of a criminal conviction could impact you for the rest of your life, but you don’t have to deal with the negative stigma of a conviction forever. An experienced post-conviction attorney may be able to help you obtain a Certificate of Rehabilitation.

At Wallin & Klarich, our experienced lawyers have been successfully helping clients obtain Certificates of Rehabilitation and other forms of post-conviction relief for more than 40 years. Let us help you now.

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