October 27, 2014 By Paul Wallin

How to Work with Your Attorney and Improve the Outcome of Your Case

If you’ve been arrested, you need an experienced attorney to help you get the best outcome in your case. Here are a few important rules to follow when working with your criminal defense law firm.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Please remember that you will be working as a team with your criminal defense attorneys. When teams work well together, it increases the chance of getting a positive outcome. Keep that in mind throughout your case.

Never Speak to the Police

Speaking to the police is probably the worst thing you could ever do if you are being accused of a crime. You should never make any statements to police, either before or after you are placed under arrest. You can politely ask to speak to an attorney before any questioning. It is crucial that you talk to a skilled criminal defense attorney immediately and that you do not talk to anybody else without your attorney present.

Do Not Post Bail until You Talk to a Criminal Defense Attorney

post bail
Do not post bail before speaking to an attorney.

The decision whether to post bail and how to do so is complicated. You should never contact a bail bondsman and bail a loved one out of jail until you have spoken to an experienced criminal defense attorney.

A criminal lawyer can explain why it is a good or bad idea to post bail and refer you to a bondsman who will provide you a discounted bail bond fee. In some cases, bail can be reduced or even completely eliminated after the first court hearing if you hire a skilled criminal defense attorney.

Click here to learn more about posting bail.

Don’t Talk About Your Case

Do not talk about your case with anybody aside from your criminal defense attorney. Your attorney is the only person who you can confidently trust with information about your case. Anything you tell your criminal defense team is confidential. It can never be revealed to anyone.

If you speak to anyone else about your case, there is no privilege. This means those persons can be called to testify against you at trial. If you are asked to discuss the facts of your case with any person, politely tell them that your lawyer has advised you not to speak about the facts of your case until the case has concluded.

Only Talk with Your Attorney in Private

You have a right to talk to your attorney in private, even if you’re in jail. Remember, other people can testify about anything you say, whether you talk to them directly or they overhear a conversation you have with somebody else.

Don’t talk about your case over the phone. Don’t talk to your attorney about your case in front of a third party, unless your attorney asked them to be present. Talking to your attorney in front of a third party could waive your attorney-client privilege.

Do Your Homework

Your Wallin & Klarich attorney will give you a packet of homework to do. Be sure to do the homework right away, and answer all questions thoroughly and honestly. As soon as you complete the homework, your attorney will have the information necessary to begin planning your defense strategy, and your chances for a favorable outcome will be vastly improved.

Make Sure Your Attorney has Your Contact Information

If your contact information changes, you need to tell your attorney immediately. Remember, your attorney may need to contact you at a moment’s notice to relay important information about your case or get crucial information from you. Changing your contact information without informing your attorney could give the appearance that you are attempting to flee.

Listen to Your Attorney and Answer Questions Honestly

Whatever information your attorney gives you is important for you to hear and understand, so listen carefully. If you don’t understand something, your attorney will be happy to explain it to you in greater detail.

If your attorney asks you a question, answer honestly. This will ensure that your attorney has all the important facts that only you can provide about your case.

Trust Your Attorney’s Advice on Plea Deals

Your attorney has a duty to relay settlement offers to you. Your attorney will discuss with you the pros and cons of accepting or rejecting any settlement offer. You are the only one that can make a final decision as to whether to accept a plea bargain or to take your case to trial. However, you should listen carefully to your lawyer as to the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

In addition, you should always be informed as to what are the best and worst possible outcomes in your case. It is only when you have this vital information that you can make the best decision possible.

Important Decisions You Have to Make

There are important decisions about your case that only you can make, but you can ask your attorney’s advice.

  • How to plead (guilty, not guilty, no contest)
  • Whether to accept a plea bargain
  • Whether to waive a jury trial
  • Whether to testify at trial
  • Whether to appeal

Important Decisions Your Attorney Should Make

how to work with your attorney
Learn how to work with your attorney to get the best result.

During a trial, there are important decisions that your attorney will make, and some of these have to be made rapidly.

  • What jurors to ask to be removed from your case
  • How to cross examine a witness for the prosecution
  • What witnesses to call in your defense
  • What motions to make
  • What evidence to introduce

You should talk to your attorney in advance about whether you want to participate in making major decisions about your case, and which decisions you’d like to consult about.

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