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Probation Violations/Modification of Probation

“I am grateful to the services of Wallin & Klarich. I was facing 60 days in jail for a probation violation. Thanks to Wallin & Klarich I suffered no jail time for my probation violation. I would recommend the law offices of Wallin & Klarich to anyone else in my situation.”

-D. C.

“My uncle was looking at state prison for a repeat felony probation violation out of the Compton Superior Court. I heard the prosecutor keep saying 16 months state prison. I knew then I needed a good lawyer so I hired Wallin & Klarich. My uncle’s lawyer was able to get him in a jail alternative program. The professional help you have given to my uncle will help him to lead a productive life. I thank Wallin & Klarich for all their efforts; you have a client for life.”

-D. S.

“I was charged with a domestic violence case and was also facing a probation violation. My attorney at Wallin & Klarich was able to get my case dismissed. I am very pleased with my results.”


Modification of Probation

“After Wallin & Klarich fought a probation violation for me and got it dismissed, I hired Wallin & Klarich again to file a motion to modify my probation. They filed a formal motion with the Court. The District Attorney handling the case opposed the motion. However, Wallin & Klarich argued the issues to the Judge and the Judge granted the motion. Wallin & Klarich has fought for me on my case like no other law firm has. I would recommend Wallin & Klarich to anyone who wants an attorney who will fight for their clients. Wallin & Klarich has accomplished many things that other attorney’s have told me could not be done. They are not afraid to stand up for her client’s rights.”

-T. S.

“My son was charged with several misdemeanor counts and for violating probations for a domestic violence case. He was looking at one year in jail but thanks to my lawyer at Wallin & Klarich he was able to get credited time served and released back to my home where he belongs. This is a great result.”

-L. H.

“When I came into your office, I was facing a new drug case and a probation violation on my old drug case. The Judge on the old case had told me that I was facing 180 days in county just on probation violation. I knew I would be looking at another 180 days for the new case. Not only would a year in jail ruin my life, but also wouldn’t help my substance abuse problem. You were able to work with the Whittier DA’s and the Judge and allow me to get into a 6 month substance abuse rehab program. I was able to keep my job and get help for myself. If it was not for your help, my life would be entirely different. Thank you.”

-C. D.

“I plead guilty to possession of a controlled substance and received the PC 1000 drug program. However, I had a relapse and because I had been terminated from the program once before, the Judge was going to sentence me to 90 days in custody. Going to jail would have caused extreme hardship on my family and probably would have cost me my job. My situation was desperate when I hired Wallin & Klarich to represent me for this probation violation. The Attorneys of Wallin & Klarich appeared in court the same day they were retained and asked the Judge for a two-day continuance to permit them to investigate my case. Two days later at my sentencing they had a subpoenaed the head of my drug program who appeared in court. They had also demanded and received my entire file. With the information they had gleaned form their investigation they disapproved my first termination and persuaded the Judge to release me that same day. Without the quick and aggressive representation of Wallin & Klarich I would have served 90 days in jail and possibly lost everything. I would enthusiastically recommend them for any criminal matter.”

-T. M.

“I received notice that I was facing a violation of probation out of Riverside Court and was facing up to 600 plus days in jail. I contacted Wallin & Klarich and hired their services. The Judge wanted to take me into custody that day. My attorney was able to keep me out on bail while she was handling the case. She presented evidence to the district attorney disputing their claim that I had violated my probation. After the District Attorney followed up on this evidence and found that it was not as reliable as he thought, my attorney requested the probation violation be dismissed or she would take it to a formal hearing. A chamber’s conference was held and the Judge agreed with my attorney’s argument. The probation violation was dismissed and I did not have to do any unwarranted custody time due to these false allegations. Wallin & Klarich fought for me like no attorney has ever done before. She believed in my case and the evidence she had exonerating me. If you are ever facing a case in which you are being wrongfully accused or believe you are innocent of the charges, I would highly recommend the services of Wallin & Klarich.”

-T. S.

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