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Here is my story. One day I come home and go to check the mail and to my surprise I have a letter from the DA saying I am being charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, stemming from an accidental overdose 16 months ago. To top it off it stated that I had to appear in court 2 days later!

After that much time had elapsed I figured nothing would come of it, but to my surprise sure enough the letter came. Now having never been given more than a speeding ticket, to say I was totally freaked out would be an understatement. After the initial shock settled down, I knew I had to seek legal counsel immediately, so I started researching law firms ASAP. I narrowed it down to a few that had good reviews on the internet. Now mind you this was in the evening (probably around 8 pm) so I immediately started making calls to a few firms that looked reputable. LUCKILY for me I called the law firm of Wallin & Klarich (who have been in the business for 30+ years). Having called so late and leaving messages for a few firms so late at night, I wasn’t expecting a call back until the next day. To my surprise, I got a call back almost immediately from Paul Wallin about 20 minutes after I left the voicemail (very, very professional).

I told him my story and he went over some of the laws and possible scenarios that I would be looking at. He let me know because of the location and the fact that his son is in that particular courthouse everyday, his son Matt Wallin would be handling my case. With my court date only 2 days away, I was in their office the next morning.

I spoke with another one of their knowledgable attorneys, Stephen Klarich, because as he is everyday, Matt was in court that day. He thoroughly explained the process, possible outcomes and put me more at ease and reassured me I was in good hands with Matt, not only because of his vast knowledge, but because he’s basically in that particular courthouse everyday and has a great rapport with the DA and the other power players there.

So the day after that I met Matt at the courthouse, he looked over the police report and told me he was pretty confident he could get my case dismissed. He said he couldn’t guarantee a dismissal, but was fairly confident he could. Again I appreciated the honesty, and was starting to feel better about the whole thing.

So I spoke with Matt a couple times over the phone before my next court appearance, and he let me know he initially said he couldn’t guarantee a dismissal, but after a few conversations with the DA, the case was going to get dismissed. To say I was elated would not even be close to explain how I felt. So at the next court appearance, just as Matt had said, CASE DISMISSED!!!!!

No plea deal, no drug diversion, an outright dismissal! I cannot stress to you how relieved and happy I was that I chose Matt and his law firm to handle my case. Professional from beginnning to end.

So if you are ever in trouble with the law, or need a lawyer, please do not hesitate to call Wallin & Klarich. They are a top notch law firm and you will not be disappointed.

Thank you again Matt, you are the absolute best!

I was really upset when I was charged with possession for sales of drugs, cultivation and possession of more than $25,000 in drug proceeds. Wallin & Klarich worked tirelessly on my case from the day they got it. In the end I will end up with nothing more than a misdemeanor on my record—probation and no jail time! I’m really happy I went with Wallin & Klarich!


I was facing criminal charges for driving under the influence of drugs. I believed in my innocence on the charges and wanted to fight my case even if I had to face jail time. I originally hired another law firm, but they tried to convince me to plead guilty, so I dropped them.

Therfore, I sought the services of the experienced criminal defense law firm of Wallin and Klarich and met with my Wallin & Klarich attorney, who reviewed my case and explained the possibilities of my case. He noticed several inconsistent statements in the CHP officer’s police report, as well as various other mistakes. Wallin and Klarich’s brilliant associate demonstrated with his actions that in order to obtain the best possible case results, one  has to hire a law firm that has the guts to “never back down” and to always fight for their clients. In fact, my Wallin & Klarich attorney refused to back down and demanded a trial. Due to my Wallin and Klarich attorney’s perseverance and aggressive fighting, my case was dismissed. My Wallin & Klarich attorney helped me preserve my reputation and career.

If you want a law firm that is really willing to fight for you to obtain the best possible results in your criminal case, I strongly recommend you call Wallin and Klarich. I am sure glad I did.

-Confidential Client

My Wallin & Klarich attorney:

A simple “thank you” can’t possibly express how much I appreciate your hard work, professionalism, and unwavering dedication to my case. I was accused of felony drug possession and driving while on a suspended license. I knew the district attorney was pushing for 3 years in state prison because of the seriousness of the offenses combined with my prior criminal record. You explained to me my rights and protections under the constitution and how the Fourth Amendment applied to my case. The motion you drafted to suppress evidence was powerful and explicitly written. The judge and district attorney must have agreed with your arguments because BOTH CHARGES WERE DISMISSED. Words cannot express the appreciation and relief I felt as I freely walked out of the courthouse with my Mom and kids. This is all thanks to my Wallin & Klarich attorney’s dedication and knowledge of the law pertaining to my case. I highly recommend the legal services of Wallin & Klarich to anyone who wants an attorney to stand by his or her side every step of the way to arduously fight to protect his or her rights and freedom.


My son was charged with two felonies, (1) felony drug charge (possession for sale) and (2) felony weapon charge (possession of an assault weapon). Based on the severity of the charges and my son’s extensive criminal record, it appeared an extended state prison sentence was inevitable. My son was facing up to 6 years in state prison.

My sister informed me about the Southern California criminal defense law firm of Wallin and Klarich and their many years of experience providing outstanding representation to their clients facing serious felony charges.

The prosecutor aggressively pursued the charges against my son. However, my Wallin and Klarich attorney immediately jumped into action and developed a strategy to defend my son against both charges. Wallin and Klarich conducted extensive research on assault weapons, consulted with weapon and drug experts, and thoroughly investigated each and every legal avenue in our defense.

After a tremendous amount of work and diligent representation, Wallin and Klarich did the impossible for my son. My Wallin and Klarich attorney kept my son from going to prison, and he aggressively negotiated a DISMISSAL of all charges. The felony assault weapon charge was dismissed outright before the preliminary hearing. Just as remarkably, the felony drug charge will be dismissed as soon as my son completes the drug treatment stated under Proposition 36.

The extraordinary relief and the overwhelming weight lifted off of our shoulders cannot be described. We have Wallin and Klarich to thank for this. I would highly recommend the criminal defense firm of Wallin and Klarich to anyone who needs personal attention, diligent representation, and outstanding results.

J. S.

When we needed a law firm to assist our daughter who was facing a serious drug offense, we didn’t know where to turn. Wallin & Klarich provided the professional legal representation and extraordinary guidance that helped my daughter overcome this challenge.  I want to take time to thank  all the staff at Wallin & Klarich Law Firm for your incredible support and consistent assistance during this very difficult time. Good to know that our family can rely on your group of professionals, whose resources are diligently dispensed in a timely manner. Thank you for successfully resolving my daughter’s case and for providing exceptional legal support. You have done an excellent job, and I highly recommend your services to anyone going through what our family went through.


I am writing to talk about our experience with Wallin & Klarich. We are extremely thankful for the outstanding legal representation your firm provided for our son, S.H.E.

Last week we were in the Bakersfield Superior Court before Judge Stuart. The District Attorney claimed that SH should be sent to jail for up to one year on a felony drug charge. Your Wallin & Klarich attorney worked diligently for months, traveled back and forth to Ridgecrest, CA on many occasions to represent SH, and he put together an outstanding sentencing memorandum for the judge’s review urging the judge to sentence SH to time served and probation. Additionally, every phone call we placed with questions was always answered with a prompt response. Your Wallin & Klarich attorney took time and patience to explain the process and what we could expect.

What I want to pass on to you is Judge Stuart’s comment about your Wallin & Klarich attorney’s presentation:

“In my 23 years sitting on the bench, this is the most concise, informative, and well documented sentencing memorandum I have ever seen. Than youk Wallin & Klarich attorney.” The judge sentenced SH to time served and probation.

Without our Wallin & Klarich attorney’s attention to detail and his knowledge in this particular case, SH would not have received a sentence of time served and probation. After the sentencing hearing, the probation officer repeated three different times, within a 20-minute period, that we had witnessed a miracle. That miracle was due to our Wallin & Klarich attorney’s excellent defense.

Your attorneys representation exceeded our expectations! We are grateful for all of his hard work and his commitment to SH. Paul Wallin promised me that Wallin & Klarich would provide the best representation, and our Wallin & Klarich attorney ensured Mr. Wallin’s promise was kept.


I want to thank you for your excellent representation in my probation violation matter. When I called your office for advice, I was facing almost guaranteed jail time on probation violations for my drug possession convection. Due to my attorney’s excellent representation at the probation violation hearing, I was not sentenced to jail time, and I was ordered to complete a drug program instead. The judge said that without the assistance from my Wallin & Klarich attorney, I would have gone to jail that day. Thank you Wallin & Klarich for representing me, keeping me out of jail, and helping me geting my life back on track.


I was accused of a misdemeanor because of the unauthorized possession of a syringe that contained Methamphetamine.  Due to my prior convictions, which caused me to go to State Prison, I was ineligible for any drug programs. I was facing about 90 days or more of jail time. The attorneys of Wallin & Klarich moved aggressively and filed a motion to suppress evidence because the search that led the police to find the syringe was illegal. On the day the matter was set for hearing on the motion. After the district attorney examined my attorney’s arguments, he decided to dismiss the case. I paid only $50.00 in costs without even going to a hearing! I am truly grateful for the attorneys of Wallin & Klarich. Without their expert advice and guidance, I could have been incarcerated and placed on 3 years of probation. I would recommend them highly to anyone facing a similar situation or any criminal charge.


“After being caught in an undercover sting operation, I was charged with four criminal counts including: providing liquor to a minor, possession of alcohol while under 21, possession of open container while driving, and unlawful use of an identification card. I was 18 years old at the time. These charges normally mandate a driver’s license suspension and can involve jail time, but my Wallin & Klarich attorney was able to get all charges dismissed and I was ordered to complete an alcohol education class.”


“I was arrested and charged with various felony drug crimes and one count of disorderly conduct. I was facing the possibility of going to prison. Therefore, after searching for law firms with experience in drug cases, I hired Wallin & Klarich to assist me with my case. My attorney was able to negotiate with the district attorney and get the disorderly conduct charge and several drug charges dismissed. In addition, my attorney was able to get me into PC1000, a drug program, that enables me to keep this charge off my record if I successfully complete the program. I would recommend the services of Wallin & Klarich if you are in need of an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows the local courts.”


“I would like to tell you that I really appreciate the work my attorney did on my case. My wife had been haunted for years by a very serious crime in her past. She had been arrested for possession of a controlled substance for sale. It was my understanding that the minimum sentence for this charge is to spend some time in State Prison. Years had passed since the date of her arrest, but nothing had been resolved. My wife was still facing punishment for a crime she did not commit. My attorney was able to work with the prosecutors and reveal the weaknesses in the case against my wife. My attorney subsequently brought the motion in court and had the charges completely dismissed.”


“I was arrested for possession of Methamphetamine while on probation. The maximum sentence was four years in prison and a minimum sentence of two years eight months in prison. The attorneys of Wallin & Klarich moved aggressively to present my case to the District Attorney and Judge. I received diversion and my case will be dismissed after 18 months. I am grateful to WK for their advice and guidance. I would recommend them highly to anyone facing a similar situation or any other criminal charge.”

-K. C.

“I was charged with three felonies: possession for sales, transportation, and cultivation of marijuana. Due to the persistence of Wallin & Klarich, all charges were dismissed against me. I am grateful to Wallin & Klarich and would recommend them to anyone else who is facing criminal charges.”

-M. S.

“I was facing state prison time for possession of methamphetamine. I had a prior strike and needed the representation of a great attorney with experience and knowledge pertaining to my case. Thus, I hired Wallin & Klarich to handle my case. Due to my prior strike, the court was required to double my sentence. I was facing years in state prison! Fortunately for me, Wallin & Klarich has attorneys who specialize in each court.They stood by me during every step of the process. I was represented by the attorney most familiar with that specific court, the Judges, and the District Attorneys. The attorneys at Wallin & Klarich filed the appropriate motions and made the necessary arguments to the court and in the end my prior crime was stricken. I received credit for time served, and I was released. Without the knowledge pertaining to the possession of methamphetamine and the hard work of Wallin & Klarich, I would be in state prison today. I enthusiastically recommend Wallin & Klarich attorneys to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney.”

-S. J.

” The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department came to my father’s house in response to an anonymous tip of large amounts of drugs being sold there. They indicated that they were there for a different reason and gained access to my house without consent. Then, they proceed to ask for consent to search once they were inside the residence. Consent was never given despite what they write in their police report. The search revealed nothing. However, the officer kept searching. I was later arrested and handcuffed for allegedly being under the influence. A search on one trailer on the property revealed drugs. I hired an attorney, and he wanted to take a plea bargain. I fired him and hired Wallin & Klarich to represent me instead. Wallin & Klarich argued with the District Attorney that no consent was ever given; therefore, the cops violated my fourth amendment right. The District Attorney did not agree, so Wallin & Klarich ran a 1538.5 motion to suppress in front of the Judge. The Judge agreed that the initial entry into the house was based on trickery and false information. Thus, if there was consent, it was NOT VALID. In addition, since I was placed under arrest, any consent given is not valid because it is not free and voluntary. The case was dismissed because Wallin & Klarich fought to protect my rights by running that motion. Wallin & Klarich attorneys do not give up when fighting for their clients, and they analyze every alternative to achieve the best possible result for their clients.”

-L. C.

“The police arrested me for possession of 4 ounces of heroin and for other illegal drug violations. The District Attorney charged me with possession and transportation of heroin for the purpose of sale and for possession of Cocaine for the purpose of sale as well. I was facing a minimum of three years in state prison, and my total exposure on all the charges was a maximum of 17 years in state prison. However, the law offices of Wallin & Klarich negotiated with the District Attorney and managed to get the transportation charge against me dismissed. In addition, they were able to amend the possession for sale charges to a straight possession. Due to the outstanding representation of Wallin & Klarich, I was eligible for a drug program and released from custody. My co-defendant, who was represented by the public defender, and who did not even have any drugs on him at the time of the arrest, went to state prison for three years. The District Attorney could have very easily prosecuted me for the alleged crimes and sent me to state prison as well. The familiarity the Wallin & Klarich attorneys have with each court combined with their aggressive representation resulted very favorable in my case. Wallin & Klarich attorneys definitely know how to achieve the best result for their clients, and I would highly recommend their representation in any criminal matter.”

-M. R.

“I had two warrants for me from nearly 3 years ago. I failed to go through with my drug programs because of numerous personal reasons. I talked to other attorneys and they told me that I was looking at six months of jail time. Then, I came in and talked to Wallin & Klarich, and they told me the hard facts. The judge would most likely give me a good chunk of jail time. However, my attorney must have been awesome in court. I was reinstated in my program and received no jail time. Thank you Wallin & Klarich.”

-J. B.

“I am writing to thank you for all you’ve done to help me. I was charged with possession for sale. To make matters worse, I had a prior conviction of the same offense. My old lawyer just kept asking for more money, and the best he could do for me was was to reduce my sentence to 4 years in state prison. Even though I had a serious felony prior, Wallin & Klarich was able to get me to qualify for the Early Disposition Program. At the hearing, Wallin & Klarich showed the prosecutors that this case actually merits half of what they were asking for. Thanks to Wallin & Klarich I have 2 more years added to my life. My sentence was only for 2 years. Thanks.”

-J. D.

“Wallin & Klarich attorneys are the best. I was facing two serious felony possession charges, and I received a treatment program only and no prison time. Due to their tremendous efforts, I have been given the chance to turn my life around. Thank you Wallin & Klarich with all my heart.”

-B. M.

“I was facing three serious drug charges out of Whittier. The most aggravating about my situation was that I had previously been given diversion on an earlier case. Thus, I was facing a full year in county jail. Wallin & Klarich was able to work out a deal to get me into another diversion program that allowed me to keep the great job that I have. Thank you Wallin & Klarich!”

-E. H.

“I was arrested for being under the influence of narcotics. My job as a truck driver was on jeopardy. Any jail time could have cost me my job, especially because it was my second case. My attorney was able to resolve the case with no jail. I am very pleased with the result Wallin & Klarich got for me. They kept me out of jail and saved my job.”


“Wow! What a result! On April 5, 2000 I was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and a second time DUI. I was facing the possibility of having to register as a narcotics offender, to serve jail time, to complete a lengthy 18-month alcohol program, and to install a breathalyzer device in my car. However, because I had great representation from my Wallin & Klarich lawyer, I was able to get my drug case thrown out and my prior DUI stricken. Thus, I avoided any jail whatsoever! I am pleased with Wallin & Klarich for keeping me out of jail. You guys are fantastic!”

-S. L.

“I am writing this letter to thank my attorney from Wallin & Klarich for providing me with outstanding representation when handling my case. I retained Wallin & Klarich in December 2000. My case was a possession charge that I received in 1988. The bail was set at $50,000.00. My attorney of Wallin & Klarich assured me that I had a good chance of getting it dismissed. My attorney instructed me to write him a summary of what I had been doing over the last 12 years, and I did so. He also instructed me to have a bail bondsman present just in case, which I also did. We went to court and my attorney got my case dismissed.

I would just like to let you know that I am very pleased with the way my Wallin & Klarich attorney handled the whole situation. He was very professional, courteous, confident, and comforting. I don’t intend to need the services of an attorney anymore, but I would highly recommend Wallin & Klarich to anyone in need of a good attorney. I assure you Wallin & Klarich will fight really hard to obtain the best result for your case.”

-C. K.

“My child was facing jail time even after completing over 15 months of drug rehabilitation classes. We were not trying to avoid his punishment, but rather we were trying to have our child do the time in a safe environment, such as home or a charitable organization. The only way to avoid incarceration was to convince the Court that jail time would be unfair and severe considering my child’s efforts to improve his life. Going into jail for an extended period of time would only regress his progress already achieved through therapy. Unfortunately, the Court would not even talk to me unless a District Attorney was involved in the process. Frankly, the District Attorney’s Office had no consideration for my child’s improvement, or for the drastic change in his life style. They were not willing to listen. They made me feel like my child was just another conviction statistic, and they showed us no mercy.

Fortunately, Wallin & Klarich took my child’s case at a moment’s notice. My attorney showed us compassion and understanding. He treated us with respect and dignity. He passionately presented our argument to the court. After being refuted several times by the uncompromising District Attorney’s Office, my attorney did not back down. He zealously argued our case to the Court. Even when we felt that nothing else could be done, my attorney had a positive attitude and gave us hope.

As a result, the Judge was compelled by my attorney’s arguments and granted my child leave to complete her punishment under home supervision. My attorney made the necessary arguments to the court when it counted most. Thanks to Wallin & Klarich my child will not be in the harsh environment of jail. I enthusiastically recommend the attorneys at Wallin & Klarich to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney.”


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