Cleaning Up Your Criminal Record – Sealing Juvenile Records

When your juvenile record is sealed, it means that all juvenile records held by the police department, the juvenile court, the district attorney, and the probation department are closed and destroyed. It will be as if the records had never existed and you may answer “no” to any criminal check regarding whether you have been arrested or convicted of a crime.

You may also answer “no” to any question regarding whether you have ever had a record sealed.

Under California Welfare and Institutions Code Section 781, you have the legal right to seal your juvenile records. This right is available in most juvenile cases, with certain exceptions. In order to seal your juvenile record, your juvenile law attorney must petition the court and your probation officer to have your record sealed.

How to Qualify to Have Your Juvenile Records Sealed

Typically, your attorney is entitled to petition the juvenile court to seal your records once you turn 18 years old. However, some courts require a period of “good behavior” between the end of juvenile probation and the filing of a petition. You must also pay in full all previous fines or restitution owed to the court as an adult or juvenile, including any traffic fines.

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You must not have been convicted as an adult of any felony or misdemeanor crimes involving “moral turpitude.” Crimes of moral turpitude are those that demonstrate a depravity of moral character in violation of the accepted moral standards of the community. Such crimes include theft, fraud, sex, or drugs.

Your attorney must be able to demonstrate to the court:

  1. That you have been rehabilitated;
  2. That your case started and ended in juvenile court; AND
  3. That you do not have an ongoing civil suit regarding the underlying actions of your juvenile record.

If you were convicted for offenses such as murder, attempted murder, voluntary manslaughter, arson, robbery, certain sex offenses, kidnapping, certain types of assault, or any other violent felony, you may not qualify to have your criminal record sealed.

Wallin & Klarich Can Help

If you have a juvenile record and wish to seal them so that you can be free to pursue certain opportunities, it is extremely important to hire an experienced juvenile law attorney who can help you restore your record to a time prior to any juvenile adjudication.

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