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dui Actual DUI case results achieved by Wallin & Klarich

  • Client consumed twelve beers and then got in his car and drove. Client stopped the car on the side of the road and fell asleep in the driver’s seat. Police arrived soon thereafter to find the client sleeping in the car with the engine running. Client arrested for DUI. Wallin & Klarich attorney was able to get the DUI charges dismissed with no jail time, no alcohol program and no driver’s license suspension.
  • Client had two prior DUI’s within seven years. Client charged with third DUI. District Attorney wanted 180 days in county jail. With Wallin & Klarich attorney representation, client received 30 days home confinement with no actual jail time served.
  • Client was arrested for DUI with blood alcohol level of .18%. Client was found in his car in the parking lot of bar asleep at the wheel with the keys on the passenger seat. Wallin & Klarich attorney cross-examined the officer and showed that the officer saw no driving and had no evidence of driving. The case was dismissed due to lack of evidence of a misdemeanor occurring in the officer’s presence as required by statute.
  • Client was stopped for driving 80 mph in a 45 mph zone on a surface street. Client was arrested for a DUI with refusal to submit to a chemical test, reckless driving, resisting arrest and assault on a police officer. District Attorney’s initial offer included jail time and a plea of guilty to all charges. Wallin & Klarich attorney took hard-line approach and pushed case to trial. All the charges were dismissed except the reckless driving charge to which the client plead guilty and simply paid a fine of a few hundred dollars.
  • Client was charged with his third DUI with a .08% blood alcohol level. His prior attorney accepted a plea for 180 days in jail. Wallin & Klarich attorney successfully withdrew client’s plea of guilty and set case for trial. At the trial readiness conference, we negotiated a reduced charge to reckless driving and the defendant served 60 days in a work release program.
  • Client stopped for reckless driving and arrested for a DUI with a .08% blood alcohol level. With Wallin & Klarich representation, all DUI charges were dismissed. Client plead guilty to exhibition of speed as an infraction and paid just a $100 fine with no probation, no jail, no programs and no criminal record.
  • After causing a traffic accident, a client was charged with driving under the influence (DUI) under California Vehicle Code Section 23152(a) and Section 23152(b), both misdemeanor offenses. In addition, the client faced a sentence enhancement due to a very high blood-alcohol content well above the legal limit and failure to provide proof of insurance at the time of the accident.Conviction of these offenses carried a sentence of over six months in county jail. The client hired the services of Wallin & Klarich to defend these charges. The attorneys at Wallin and Klarich worked with the prosecutor and judge to reduce the sentence to informal probation (no probation office) and no jail time, all without the client ever having to step foot inside the courthouse. The client’s family, career, and reputation were saved by the services of Wallin & Klarich.
  • Before hiring the services of Wallin & Klarich, an individual with 17 prior alcohol-related offenses and two prior felony convictions was charged with felony driving under the influence of alcohol after testing for a blood-alcohol level of 0.3, over three times the legal limit. The services of Wallin & Klarich were retained to defend the case. The judge and district attorney wanted to sentence the client to 16 months to two years in state prison. However, the attorneys at Wallin & Klarich negotiated with the parties involved to have the client complete a strict alcohol-related program, all without a single day in jail.
  • An individual under the age of 21 was cited for driving under the influence of alcohol and a one-year license suspension because of underage drinking. The blood-alcohol content results were over the legal limit. The individual hired an attorney but did not feel secure and comfortable in the quality of representation. Wallin & Klarich was then hired to defend the case. The Wallin & Klarich attorney assigned to the case won the client’s DMV hearing, saving the client’s license and driving privileges. The attorney then went to court and succeeded in reducing the charges brought against the client. With the results of the case, the individual learned from the mistakes made and was able to continue driving for the sake of work and school.
  • The services of Wallin & Klarich were retained after an individual was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. The client’s blood-alcohol content level was 0.15, almost twice the legal limit. After aggressive negotiation, the Wallin & Klarich attorney assigned to the case was able to have the entire case dismissed.
  • An individual was arrested for driving under the influence and having a blood-alcohol level of 0.10. The arresting officer claimed that the individual was weaving in between lanes.Wallin & Klarich was hired to defend the case. The client’s attorney obtained all pertinent records relating to the incident and filed a motion to suppress evidence based on witness testimony that the client’s driving was fine. Also, the attorney was able to prove to the judge that the arresting officer was less than truthful in the police report because there was only one lane of traffic at the time due to road construction. The judge ruled that the initial stop lacked probable cause and dismissed the case.
  • After being charged with driving under the influence and driving on a suspended license, an individual sought an attorney through extensive online research and personal consultations. The services of Wallin & Klarich were retained to defend the case. The attorney assigned to the case sought to dismiss the case completely, and filed a motion to dismiss, determined to see that the case be dropped. After appearing in court with the attorney, the client was able to see the judge grant the motion and dismiss the case.
  • After being charged with driving under the influence and having a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit, an individual hired a Wallin & Klarich attorney to defend the case.The client and attorney met on several occasions to go over the facts and evidence of the case. At the court hearing, the attorney was able to convince the district attorney to dismiss the DUI case and file a lesser charge of drunk in public.At the client’s DMV hearing, the attorney was able to argue that the arresting officer lied and was not certified to give breathalyzer results under Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations. The entire DMV case was thrown out and the client’s driver’s license was returned.The client was facing charges that could have resulted in a jail sentence and a one-year license suspension. Wallin & Klarich fought aggressively and extensively to help their client.

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