August 29, 2016 By Paul Wallin

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13 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Being accused of a crime is far too serious to face alone. You need to find an attorney who can help you achieve a favorable out come in your case. But how do you know which attorney is right for you? Here are 13 questions you should ask before hiring a criminal defense attorney.

  • What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need?

If you had heart problems, you wouldn’t go to a dermatologist to cure you. Just as you need the right kind of doctor to help you with a health condition, you also need to hire the right type of attorney to help you. If you have been accused of a crime, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney.

  • Is the Law Firm Experienced?

You need a firm with years of experience successfully defending the charges you are facing. Ask how many years the firm has been helping clients like you and how long they’ve been handling these types of cases.

  • What Do Your Clients Say About You?

Experience is one thing, but what do former clients have to say? Reading reviews will inform you if your attorney has a successful track record.

  • What are the Firm’s and Ratings?

These two sites are trusted sources that rate lawyers on many factors, including client and peer reviews. Researching these sites will help you find the best criminal lawyer to handle your case.

  • How Much Will I Be Charged?

Negotiating the fees with your attorney and getting those fees in writing will help you understand if you can afford their services. You need to know if you’re being charged hourly and what services you’re paying for.

  • Can I Terminate Their Services?

Get the details of potential termination in writing before signing a contract. This is important because attempting to later change attorneys may have to be approved by the court.

  • Am I Hiring A Team?

Finding a law firm with multiple attorneys on staff means a group of experienced lawyers will work together to plan your defense. Smaller firms may be spread too thin with multiple cases to give yours the attention it needs.

  • Who Is Working On My Case?

Know which attorney or attorneys will be specifically working on your case. It may not be the person you initially meet with, though it may be possible for you to request a certain attorney to handle your case.

  • Will They Take My Case to Trial?

Not all attorneys have incentive to take your case all the way to trial. An attorney willing to accept an unfavorable plea bargain may be more interested in completing your case rather than providing you with the best possible defense.

  • Do They Have Experience in Local Courts?

Overall experience is important, but each court setting is different. If the attorney you hire knows how judges and prosecutors operate in the local court where your case is pending, it could have a huge impact on your case.

  • Did I Have a Good First Impression?

Your first interactions with an attorney may be a sign of things to come. If the lawyer was easy to contact or quick to respond, it may indicate the firm is well equipped to help you.

  • Do We Have the Same Goals?

You and your attorney should agree on what’s best for you and how to achieve a positive result. Your expectations and needs are important and a good attorney should be willing to work to meet them.

  • Is Communication Easy?

Your attorney may be your best friend during this difficult time your life Knowing you can freely reach out to your lawyers with questions and concerns should help ease your mind. If any potential lawyers do not exhibit an ability to communicate effectively, you should not hire that attorney.

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