Paul Wallin Is Guest Speaker for AVID Students at CTMS

Posted in :- June 15, 2019

Senior Partner Paul Wallin had the privilege of speaking at the Columbus Tustin Middle School (CTMS) career day. Mr. Wallin spoke to about 100 middle school students about a career in criminal law. Students asked many interesting questions about what obstacles Mr. Wallin overcame to become the successful lawyer he is now.


“Quote from PJW”
Wallin and Klarich is deeply committed to giving back to our community in any way possible. We highly value the education of our future leader. Like Mr. Wallin, every person has a different story but none of those stories were created without a multitude of challenges.


Not all students have the perfect life outside of school. Many students in the U.S. come from abusive homes where education is not their top priority. Wallin & Klarich stressed the importance of communication and honesty between teachers and students. Mr. Wallin discussed California’s “Mandatory Reporting” Law of Child Abuse & Child Neglect. We want students and teachers to know that there is help for students who are victims of abuse and interfere with their education.


CTMS career day was equally as valuable to our firm as it was to the students and teachers. Wallin & Klarich enjoys sharing knowledge to the public especially to the youth who can benefit from mistakes we have seen before.