April 15, 2020 By Paul Wallin

AB 1390 This May Be a Way Out of Jail For Young Adults Accused of Crimes

It’s not often we get to report on good news, but here is an item that is good; especially for young adults who have made mistakes and ended up in the criminal justice system. This law recognizes that youthful individuals make mistakes and deserve to learn from them while not having their mistakes define them for the rest of their lives.

Second Chance for Defendants 

The governor has signed into law bill (AB-1390) that will amend a pilot program to include individuals who are 18-24 years old on the date their crime was committed. The law had allowed only those 18-21 to participate, but this new law allows those who are 18-24, i.e., 18 to the day before their 25th birthday.

The idea here is that eligible defendants, who are identified as good candidates by the probation department, and who agree to plead guilty and waive their right to a speedy imposition of sentence, can have their sentencing continued while they participate in a program designed to help them get on track. If they satisfactorily complete the program, they will return to court and the court will allow them to withdraw their guilty plea and dismiss their case outright; meaning they will not have a criminal conviction on their record!

Of course, if they do not complete the program, they will be returned to the court and the court will pronounce the sentence and the defendant will be subjected to the punishment imposed by the court.

There are crimes that are not eligible for this deferred entry of judgment program, including registerable sex crimes (listed in Pen. Code, § 290), California “three strikes and you’re out law” crimes (listed in Pen. Code, §§ 667.5 and 1192.7), and other serious crimes listed in Welfare and Institutions Code section 707, subdivision (b).

Currently, the program is only available in Alameda, Butte, Napa, Nevada, Santa Clara, and Ventura Counties, but we are hopeful that the legislature will further expand the program to include all California counties. 

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