11350(a) HS | Possession of a Controlled Substance in California

What is possession of a controlled substance?

California Health and Safety Code 11350(a) HS makes it illegal to possess a controlled substance without a valid prescription. Under the United States Controlled Substances Act, a controlled substance can constitute both illegal and legal prescription drugs. In order to sentence you for possession of a controlled substance under California HS 11350(a), the prosecution must prove the following:

  1. You unlawfully possessed a controlled substance  AND
  2. You knew of its presence  AND
  3. You knew of the substance’s nature or character as a controlled substance  AND
  4. The controlled substance was in a usable amount


Defenses to a charge of possession of a controlled substance

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There are a number of defenses that a California drug possession defense lawyer at Wallin & Klarich can raise on your behalf. These include:

  • Lack of control or possession
  • Momentary possession
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Valid prescription
  • Failure to follow police procedures

Each of these defenses can be raised depending upon the facts of your individual case. Be sure to consult a criminal defense attorney at Wallin & Klarich to learn more.


Possession of a controlled substance punishment and sentencing

According to HS 11350(a), possession of a controlled substance is a misdemeanor in California punishable by up to 364 days in county jail. You can also be placed on probation or parole that will likely subject you to random drug testing and searches by the police. However, depending on the facts of your case, you could be charged with a felony under HS 11350(a), punishable by 16 months, two or three years in state prison.

Possession of a controlled substance FAQ’s

To help you understand the various aspects of a possession of a controlled substance charge, our attorneys at Wallin & Klarich have provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions in our FAQ section. There, you can find answers to questions like:

  • Can I be charged with possession of a controlled substance even if I didn’t intend to use or sell the drugs?
  • If the drugs were found in my car and not on my person, can I still be convicted of 11350(a) HS?
  • If I am convicted of possession of a controlled substance do I have to serve jail time?

Where can I find an attorney with the most experience handling 11350(a) HS cases?

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