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Domestic violence refers to any violence inflicted upon a spouse, former spouse, past or present romantic partner, child, family member or person with whom the accused lives.  The law gives special protections to victims of domestic violence, including spouses, girlfriends, children and other family members, because such victims are especially vulnerable. Due to these special protections, an individual accused of domestic violence should contact a Los Angeles Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer in the earliest stages of investigation in order to most effectively structure his/her defense. The law seeks to protect these vulnerable groups by imposing harsh punishments on domestic violence offenders.  For instance, the District Attorney may press domestic violence charges even if a serious injury did not occur.

The District Attorney retains substantial discretion, even after charges are filed.  In many domestic violence cases, the alleged victim is the prosecution’s main witness.  Oftentimes, if the alleged victim is a spouse or other type of close confidante of the accused, he/she may experience a change of heart and wish to drop the domestic violence charges.  However, immediately upon arrest of the accused, the alleged victim loses control over the direction of the prosecution.  The District Attorney has the right to proceed with the case, regardless of the alleged victim’s wishes.  An accused who faces domestic violence charges should contact the team of skilled Los Angeles Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys at Wallin & Klarich as soon as practicable.

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One of our Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers in Los Angeles may succeed in persuading the prosecuting attorney to drop the domestic violence charges completely.  Wallin & Klarich’s experienced defense attorneys will obtain the alleged victim’s written or recorded statement describing his/her version of the events.  Depending on the substance of the statement, the attorney can use this information to convince the prosecutor to drop or diminish the charges.  In addition, if the case proceeds to trial, the statement can be used in the accused’s defense.

Although a domestic violence charge remains a serious allegation, recent court decisions on both the state and federal levels have facilitated an accused’s ability to defend his/her case.  Based on these decisions by the California Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court, hearsay statements made to police officers are inadmissible at trial.  If the victim is uncooperative, the prosecutor faces substantial challenges that may limit his/her likelihood of success.

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