Car Transporting 800 lbs. of Marijuana Caught Doing 85 MPH in a School Zone

If you are going to get a second job, transporting a controlled substance in your car for a drug cartel probably wouldn’t be most people’s first choice. But if you were to put, say a few bundles of marijuana in the trunk of your SUV, obeying all traffic laws and trying to not attract attention to yourself is the likely the best way to avoid spending a lot of time with a federal criminal attorney.

Apparently nobody explained that to one driver in Arizona, who attracted the attention of police for doing 85 MPH in a school zone. That’s 70 MPH over the speed limit. Following a 10 minute chase, the driver of the car bailed out and escaped on foot. But he left behind 800 pounds of marijuana with a street value of approximately $500,0000.

The incident occurred in Florence, AZ, between Phoenix and Tucson, and if caught, the driver could face federal charges and state charges. Not to mention the fact that he’d probably get his driver’s license suspended for going so fast in a school zone.

The suspect is still at large, and at this point, no new details have emerged in the case. In California, a person convicted of transporting a controlled substance for sale can face up to 9 years in a state prison. Considering the quantity of marijuana involved in this case, it is far more likely that the federal courts would get involved in the case, and the driver would face a far more harsh punishment.

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