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Convicted sex offenders Steven Gordon and Franc Cano were recently arrested in Orange County for the rape and murder of four young women. Both men were ordered to wear GPS tracking devices as part of their sentence for previous sex crimes.

Both Cano and Gordon reportedly have a history of removing their tracking devices without authorization. Cano and Gordon allegedly cut off their GPS monitoring devices and fled to Las Vegas together in 2012, where they were arrested two weeks later by federal agents. 1 According to one news article, both men were allowed to remain on the street rather than serve time in jail or prison. 2

Consequences of Removing GPS Tracking Device

If you are on house arrest or parole and you remove your GPS tracking device without authorization, your parole officer can take you into custody without a warrant under California Penal Code Section 310.7. There will be a hearing before a judge to determine whether you have violated the terms of your parole or house arrest. You could have your parole revoked at this hearing and be required to serve out your sentence in jail or prison.

In the case of convicted sex offenders, California Penal Code Section 310.10 states that there is a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 180 days for removing your GPS monitor. 3

Do GPS Tracking Devices Work?

Attempt to remove tracking device.

If you attempt to remove your tracking device, you may be forced to service the rest of your sentence in jail.

In 2011, the Supreme Court declared overcrowding in California prisons to be unconstitutional. As a result, alternative sentencing such as house arrest and home confinement have become more popular. Wearing a GPS monitoring device is often part of alternative sentencing.

However, in can be difficult for authorities to keep track of individuals wearing tracking devices. According to the Huffington Post, devices typically send out multiple alerts per day. It is up to parole and probation workers to determine if the alerts are accurate. The devices track when sex offenders are together, but this is problematic because sex offenders often attend the same counseling and substance abuse treatment programs. 4

Additionally, parole and probation officers are flooded with clients to monitor, making it nearly impossible to keep tabs on them all. 5

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